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Thursday, June 21, 2012

breakfast with the bf on this beautiful sunday morning! woke up quite late so we had our breakfast ourselves, decided to give a try on Ginza cafe on tokyo street because those bread was so tempting!!!

looks so fake but they are all nom-able!!!!!!

lovely breakfast with my favourite pig! 

ordered a soup for myself!

cream of mushroom in bun! haha and my pig was impressed by the bun!

fried rice in the egg roll which was in a super huge portion!

lovely fruit tart! was caught by the beautiful fruits around it, and it tasted so good!!!

tomato bun! love it! im in love with everything tomato!
and its still warm!

giant fruit pie!

monster bun!

black black charcoal bread!

then met up with them and have a walk together before they leave!

happy gary having ochado!

at Kumo by leng yein! love those wingz!

jump from paper!!!!!!!! so excited to see this here!!!!!!

nice? love it!

at the clicks!


super nice! so eye-catchy even if you're looking from a distance!

haha so called combo 1&2!

gary pig buying his1st shimino in his life!

'is this reaaaaaal?'

got it from the flea market!

♥ baby 

with his nom nom!

and right after that they went back to pg :( 

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