Coastal zone cafe

Friday, July 13, 2012

or By the sea cafe?
hah not very sure! 

baby brought me to this very nice cafe located at butterworth on a lazy sunny sunday! do not have any plan so decided to have a tea in this beach-themed cafe which i've never been there before!

the menu! handmade!

and handwritten!

lemon+mint leaves served once we're seated

and sandyyyyyyyyyyyyyy under out feet!

from the entrance! nice leh!!!!!!! 
but the shop was quite small, and they have a little corner selling little things

they have note books, mugs, stickers, stamps, photo frames etc etc etc

accessories too! and their decorations are all about the ocean, very nice even the ceiling, they use fishing net 

orea cheesecake with ice cream :)

hot chocolate!

i like this! lemongrass with lychee! i love lemongrassssssssssss

cheese toast.....................
looks good but its sugary, i thought cheese should be salty!

mixed fruit toast! with a smiley face :D

a little corner beside our table


hah!!!! spotted tony moly's product!!!!!


simple and relaxing afternoon with my pig! love!

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