Our 3rd Hennessy Artistry!

Wednesday, July 04, 2012

at frist was quite surprise with the venue, they picked straits quay convention center, where fairs and exhibitions will normally held here. really impressed how the turn the whole place into a party place!

and it was our 3rd hennessy party together! also the best one so far ♥ so i will let the pictures to do the talkings :) 
the entrance to the lounge area! SQCC has such big place for them!

party guys!!!

us!!!!! ♥ 

odesha and ah yang! welcome back the goat! 

two handsome! haha

the fat drinker

with baby!

pretty odesha chan!


hahaha gary ming combo 1!

and combo 2!

feel the heat? really hope to capture the whole situation and save it!

ms senior choo!

with my pug friend!

lovin' it! hopefully we got more this year! nice one hennessy! we love you!

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