Cycling day@Heritage Trail Penang

Thursday, August 23, 2012

saw so much photos of all the famous street art on facebook lately, we decided to take a walk around the town and take pictures of them too. really thanks to ernest zacharevic for adding so much colours to our lovely georgetown, now it become so lively and interesting!

we parked our car at armenian street, then saw a bicycle shop which renting a bicycle for only rm10!!! was really happy because we got to rent the bicycle, walking under the sun kills me.

and our 1st stop was the kung fu kid!
three piggies!

with the bf ♥

our bikes! so old school haha

moontree 47, a cafe located at muntri street

and the place that we stopped for food! cafe 55 along muntri street, read it here

the beautiful 天后宫, also along muntri street

a lovely group pic!!!!!! ♥

wire art along muntri street! every wire art tells a story or a history of penang! loving it, its like making the whole heritage site talks, right!

more self-timer photos! 

leith street!

in front of the famous cheong fatt tze blue mansion!

then we reached penang road for the biggest street painting, the trishaw!

next it was love lane!

we dropped-by one of the art gallery

this is cool hahahaha! love it!

a photo before leaving! heading to my favourite public phone!


but the pig doesnt seems to enjoy taking this photo with me :(

another wire art at love lane!

back to muntri street!

at beach street!

heading to ah quee street for more street art! 

the motorcycle boy at ah quee street!

gary pig posing!

also the dinosaur kid!

gary and alicia with the dinosaur kid!

this is my favourite! :D because their expression were so lively!

its at armenian street!

the real version hahaha how sweet!

yellow kid just like me ;) at cannon street

last but not least, is the huge face on armenian street!

ok done! now sharing the maps of all the street painting at georgetown that i got from facebook! it was really useful to tell the exact location of every street art! so enjoy!
and dont forget to put on some sunblock before visit all the location stated! ♥

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