Girlfriends' date@Maricosa Straits Quay

Sunday, August 26, 2012

girlfriend's date after a year! 
and im missing all the good moment with them, especially during school time :( ahhhh time flies and we're getting old, getting busy with our own life. 

anyhow, still picked a nice place for our first date after sabien back to malaysia! went to Maricosa at straits quay, a hawaiian themed restaurant.

the view of the entrance from our table!

and the outdoor area was looking great too!

little corner selling hawaiian products

chocolates on the rack

popcorn! this is really nice, just put into the microwave and it will pop!

and also maricosa's homemade biscotti!

ok back to the dinner,

glian is back with her bf for this raya short break!

sabien and venus! 

seafood tajine hot pot that filled with lots lots lots of seafood! tiger prawns, squid, sole fish, mussels, scallops, bacon and veggies all braised in spicy prawn bouillabaisse stock!

with her baby ♥♥♥

and we have two tajine hot pot ==

and the rest of the food was,

maricosa's sirloin steak

island chicken which was deep fried chicken with delicious Honolulu sauce!

atlantic fish cake! red snapper fillet with cream sauce and tomato puree

my big baby! ♥


and finally!
polaroid shoots! ♥

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