hello my pink hair!

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

yay i have pink hair like finally!

but i will still bleach it for one more time because the current colour was not really the colour that i wanted :( im too impatient to wait for the whole process, and it failed to reach the colour level that i really want!
i went to dye my hair into black before the day i went for pink, and that process was totally useless! at last i need to bleach my hair for 4 times instead of 2 and each bleaching process caught me around an hour. reached the saloon at 3pm, start bleaching and i was soooooooooo hungry and tired! so i stopped them after the 3rd time of bleaching, argh so regret!

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6 dreamers

  1. wow bleach so many times! aren't you afraid ur hair would spoil? =S

  2. Hey, I am from jbtalks :D
    How much did you spent to dye the pink colour.I am wondering to do it myself but all the pink colour I founded was deep!><

  3. Henry: haha! yes im so worry but it turns out to be ok :D

    Chui Teng: Hi! mine was RM200! i think you want lighter and nicer pink you shall bleach your hair first!


  4. hi prasana william here, loving the hair, just wondering which saloon did you get it done at?? lovely ....

  5. i did it at osna hair and tattoo, its at greenlane :)

  6. thank you!! an answer to my prayer! lol :)


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