July instas!

Friday, August 10, 2012

its almost half of august, but still im posting july insta photos. lack of update, you know ;) 

addicted to blackball lately, really enjoy having it and enjoying the beautiful night view of georgetown!

tidying my room and found a box of unwanted watches :( just cant throw them away

baby brought me for korean meal a few times during july, because im always craving for kimchi soup!

sis got back from korea! bought heaps lots of stuff! check her blog: http://yeu-the-dora.blogspot.com/
she's been writing about her korea trip

and she bought back a golden pot! like all the korean drama used to have, cooked mee with it and use the golden cover as the plate, right?

mine!!!!!!!! hahahahahah im so happy my sis is such a niceeeeeeee person!

macaron's day almost every weekend! i think macaron's cafe@gurney plaza has the best macaron!

chilled with pigs almost every friday night!

and food! @santorini cafe

more food! @blue reef

see our second penang bridge! such awesome view from teluk tempoyak! was talking a short walk after an ikan bakar meal.

taken during gym! super cute polka dot slippers only for rm3 SUPER CHEAP!

new happy heart tee for baby! all the way from korea! appeared in the roof top prince lately and it has been so popular!

favourite brownie snack at the moment! with such cute packaging

meet my rabbits!!!!!!!!!!! so cute so love ♥ should i blog about my korean cosmetic? heheeeeee

till then thanks bye

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