#263 dinner@Ahmo

Saturday, September 22, 2012

another casual friday night dinner with the bf, decided to have a try on Ahmo, a new restaurant located at irrawaddy road. 

was really attracted by its interesting name! and every name has a story behind it:

every table has a sheet of their story, love the concept and the effort ♥

and loving the wallpaper!!!! it was those ingredients that often used in western food, right? 

big baby! ♥

shiitake mushroom soup! creamy and good, but a little too peppery for me

strawberry+orange and orange juice
so happy they served fresh fruit juice here!

bruchetta for a tomato lover like me! simple, refreshing and delicious! 

baby had lasagna, his all time favourite

mine was cheesy fish! i love it! definitely listed it into my favourite list!

the view from our table

and there's a private corner! just nice for private party/gathering

the entrance area

baby loving the illustration! and after that he found out that the it was designed by kaki creation

a photo of the outdoor area before leaving!

oh yes and Ahmo provides a large parking space just right beside it, so convenient! 
 really so sick of searching parking space lately -_____- 
will surely come back for more! ♥

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