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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

friday night again! its been a while since we had four-head-meal, this friday its still gonna be just two of us, so we went around georgetown and trying to decide what to eat before we catch our movie at 11pm. the bf wanted to go for Mizi's but i refused, lastly, decided to back to Santorini, which we had been visiting for a few times.

picture from google.
the main entrance! located at Burma road.

hi :)
one thing i like about Santorini so much is they have so much choices in their menu, they have western food, chinese food, local food, dessert.......... and of course, with reasonable price!

some environment pics

the new menu since May i guess?

by adding RM5 you can get soup, drinks and dessert with any main course!

creamy mushroom soup and ice lemon tea!

news at the back page of the menu

oat chicken chop! if you fancy crispy food like i did, you will definitely love this!

lemon fish! my first try, quite good, the sweet and sour lemon sauce did increase my appetite :P

someone is waiting for his dessert!

ice cream with peanuts!

and we ordered a wonderbox! it was a few different flavours of ice cream in a toast box

they have a private room for function too!

nice right!

picture from goggle
and also tatami area where you can lay back and relax!

real santorini someday? ;) 

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