Afternoon date@Maricosa Straits Quay

Friday, September 14, 2012

a long waited meet up with yueshi, one of my best secondary school mate! she's going to taiwan for further studies, so i guess this would be a little farewell for her.

a photo with her

am i looks like a bad girl in this pic with her? haha!
perhaps the colour of my hair was so bright under the sunshine! 

anyhow, just been to maricosa for dinner weeks ago, with the girlfriends, click here to read more! this time was in the afternoon, so we planned to try the afternoon tea set for two. 

the outdoor tables! love the entire place painted in white and the wooden floor!
with white ratten chairs

we picked the outdoor seat, will be hot if its in the middle of the day, but luckily it was quite windy that day.

the view from my place.

2 drinks for us, a pot of hot tea and cherry sparkling

cakes, mini scones and chocolate chips cookies! serve with raspberry cream.

hi! and my face looks cramped in this pic :( 

yueshi my love!

the lower part! bread with capsicum, salmon sandwiches, cream puff and crabstick thingy bruschetta!

i love this! and seriously i think thats the best thing in the entire set haha

super small cake and tart! 

finished everything like in 30minutes! 
the food was ok but the portion was really small, would rather go for delicious' afternoon tea. luckily i have a great company, and also such beautiful seaview from our table!

farewell yueshi! see you in taiwan soon *winks*

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