Dinner@Daorae Korean BBQ

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

dinner with the bf on an ordinary weekend night. so into korean food recent day, maybe because we've gone bored with japanese sushi hah! and our dinner partners disappearing for god knows what reason that night, so end up we had a lonely bbq dinner at daorae, bayan point.

stove lighted up!

and look at that emo face, he just not in the right mood in that moment because we waited for quite a while for the table! *pinch pinch*

and what's more important than the delicious side dishes?


pink pickling radish!
this pinky thingy was so eye-catchy! but i dont like how it tasted 

hot boiling kimchi jjigae!
my all time favourite! i can have real big appetite with this awesome kimchi soup!

korean pancake!
complimentary too!! love this because some was really oily, but in daorae its good!!

with baby!
shall stop here! been falling sick constantly lately, my immune system has been deteriorating :( 
really hate taking meds! maybe having more food will cure me? *winks* ♥

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