Lunch@Berlin's bier houz

Tuesday, September 04, 2012

our yellow lunch on monday to overcome the monday blue! 
was craving for our favourite pork knuckle actually, but sadly they serve only cooked but not roasted :(

trio! we love berlin's!
and its a coincidence that three of us wore yellow outfit for yesterday!

taken in the office! before we're going for lunch
awesome drinks!
Lychee margarita one of my favourite drinks in Berlin's

fruit punch! jiahui's and xinee's choice

xinee's choice of pork knuckle! 
their roasted pork knuckle was much more nicer :( this consider as ok but the skin part i felt its a little oily, and i still prefer crispy than chewy

jiahui's carbonara fettuccine 
it is always good for sharing because its too creamy for one

herb lamb rack!
massive love! my first try in berin's and was impressed by the rich seasoning! love the potato ring too!

mushroom soup for appetizer 
deep fried chicken wings with two sauces! 
two ladies smile for the scrumptious lunch!

and one last photo of me and xinee before ending!

till then! happy tuesday!

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