Mom and dad's birthday dinner@Spice market

Thursday, September 20, 2012

celebrated mom and dad's birthday last week! im not a good daughter, because i didnt get them anything *guilty max* mom and dad shared the same birthdate, mom says thats the luckiest thing that she ever met! she posted in her fb: 

能和你同月同日生,这就是。。。缘分! 祝:生日快乐!

thats too sweet :)

and dad brought us to dinner two days before their birthday! 
spice market again LOL

spices and lemon water on the table

aunt and mom trying hard to fill their plates!

hello fresh prawns! i miss you already ;)

mussels! love it with chili thousand island sauce!

sadly i didnt consume any seafood that night, sigh!


the bread corner!

some appetizers, loving the roasted carrot!

indian scent!

tandoori, anyone?

soup noodles available at the chinese corner

mom and sis

this is my starter! sze chuan sour and spicy soup
had like 3bowls because it was really good!

was having too much food and fun until i forgot to take pics, except for this, long-waited and unlimited-supply sashimi and sushi. salmon, pinkish tuna and white tuna, they are all good as long as they're fresh!

DESSERT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! spice market always serve super delicious cakes!

strawberry mousse, all time favourite!

mango-tango! they even have fresh mango meat in every layer of the cake, mad love!

cherry pie and apple tart!

chocolate dome! it was heavenly good!!!!!!!

marsh mellows, apricot and, is that almond?
all for chocolate fondue! slurp!

with mom ♥♥♥ 

a yellow + white family pic, 
lack of the fatty sis which is no longer a fatty :P
dora she went to uni already, missing her now!

and one more  photo before leaving! 

happy birthday again mom and daddy! 
stay forever young and slim ♥

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3 dreamers

  1. I wanna eat all those cakes!! Salmon too!! haha

  2. come back we ma go eat lo!
    and can you please update your blog!

  3. lazy laaa~~ I gt ntg to post!! >_<


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