Raya night out@Soho Gastro Pub

Wednesday, September 05, 2012

the last party was like....................... centuries ago.....
so we decided to spend our holiday night at one of the new hotspot lately! it was a rainy night but still a lot of them turned up, definitely a great night to remember. 

we're in soho gastro pub, precinct 10!

alicia with jane - gary's american long lost old schoolmate!

with the bf!

gary ming's darlings and honeys

odesha chan! one of the must-have-person for everytime party!

my girls!

sweeties gary ming and alicia chuah!

ah eng and jiahui love birds!

so called 'pig dog brothers'!

here comes the best part!

with alicia chuah, drunker of the night haha!

and god damn happy because met my old friend - farhana! havent seen her for years already


appreciate for such great night ♥

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