Wednesday night@Soju Room

Thursday, September 27, 2012

my first time to soju room!

was actually bernard's farewell that night! but didnt manage to snap any photo with him haha
once in a blue moon i drove to club! and fetched jiahui and xinee that night, so glad we're still alive now LOL

and i miss dressing up! :(

a picture with my pretty senior! 

and xinee teoh, the ultimate interior designer!

the environment was so nice! and love the awesome lighting

with another beautiful colleague, pris 

boss joshua teoh!

KY, getting tipsy haha

nelson! sometimes hate him sometimes love him!

jager bombing timeeeeee!!!!

start bombing! i love it!

pris lim with her idol!

couple-like? haha

moet and chandon time!

pretty baby! ♥

forgot how much i drank that night z______z all i remember was my boss so excited and he kept on pouring into our glass! sadly my baby was not there, because he will carry me home whenever i was drunk *love love*

nice lighting, right? my cam can barely capture this kind of photo in the club, so happy!

with maggie!!!!

boss cheah! he always refuse to take photo unless he's drunk haha

too happy LOL!

and some random dance that freak me out in the middle of the drinking night:

was so excited seeing this kind of performance in the club!

the washroom of soju!
so nice hahahaha!

ok done! looking forward to party in soju room again! ;)

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