Wu Bai's concert!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

yesterday night was an unforgettable one because we all went to Wu Bai's concert in PISA! it was so random because i never even plan or think of going, not even know any of his song.
but, gary was really such a nice guy, he got us tickets from his boss, a very nice, pretty and capable lady, fiona. so we got no excuse for not going anymore!

photo from gary!


piggies in yellow!

wu bai's huge doll! sooooo cute!

couple of the night! they're so enjoy haha

overall was good! the stage was quite simple but the lighting was really nice! and they have lyrics on the both right and left screen so thoughtful, and lastly, wu bai sang more that 50 songs last night, no doubt he is such a great singer, unlike some of the new generation singers cant sing live that well right?

ok shall stop now! more concert in penang please, thank you!

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