#273 dinner@Chok Dee Thai

Sunday, October 07, 2012

woke up super late last sunday! and was dying craving for thai food
but our companies abandon us so we ended up having 2-pax-dinner again. 

loving the colours under the sunshine!

instead of going to khuntai, baby suggested somewhere else after google, a thai food restaurant located at burma road, a very 'chok' thai restaurant named CHOK Dee Thai hahaha keep making fun with the name

the outlook! not hard to find, but will easily missed.

we were quite surprised when we entered the place, because the outlook was really simple, did not expect the surrounding will be so well-decorated! 

very 'Thai' right? even the uniform of the waitress!

table beside the entrance

Chok Dee! means lucky if im not wrong

pandan chicken and chicken wings! the chicken wings were so much better than i've expect! its not just an ordinary deep fried chicken wings, it was re-make by adding other ingredients.

tomyam nomzzzzzzz

tomyam is a must in every thai food meal right!

otak-otak is simply delicious! definitely satisfied baby's craved!

our favourite dessert 'throp tim krup'!!!!! it was heavenly good!!!!

waterchesnut and jackfruit!

someone filled my weekends with lots lots of food again ;)
lovin my yellow pig ♥

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