Ashton's 1st birthday@Spice market

Saturday, October 27, 2012

baby ashton is finally one year old! the family decided to have a celebration for him since he is the youngest among all! consider a few places but at last we go for spice market, rasa sayang resort.
the preparation has began a week before the actual date, from calling everyone and counting heads, set the theme and decorations. everyone was so excited because the last gathering dinner was ashton's full moon party which was 11 months ago.

happy birthday ashton baby! ♥

mini lolipop badges for photo porspose!

tigger! ashton's favourite soft toy!

dress up for the night in orange and yellow :)

baby ashton's tigger look!

with lil sis! and a funny man making fun behind them haha

with dexter my favourite nephew!

unlimited sashimi and sushi were so gooooooooood

and i had soup mee hahahaha

those elderly!

us with 6th aunt!

birthday cake by spicemarket, decoration by me and dex ♥

happy environment and ashton cant keep his eyes off the cake!

the father and the mother ♥

one of the family pic

with all his presents ♥
kids nowadays really so hangfok ahhhh

happy birthday again baby ashton! ♥

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