Mid autumn celebration

Sunday, October 14, 2012

one of the main festival after mid year was mid autumn! it was always my favourite festival when i was a kid, we walked around the neighbourhood with our beautiful lantern and even set up a little fireplace by burning all the dry woods and dry leaves. thank goodness we did not burn down any house hahaha

and now at the age of 2x, we would have a mini gathering the celebrate the mighty full moon!
again the kind lady jiahui organized a mini steamboat and bbq session 

everything well-prepared by ms jiahui!

all the dining utensils sponsored by dreamz productions hahahaha

tomyam!!!!!! it was really good! perhaps too spicy for me!

and yellow bubbly! 

fatties bbq-ing with style!

then lantern time!!!!!!!!

yellow pigs with beautiful lanterns!

karen and jiahui

with pig pig ♥

ta-dah!!!! ♥

with pug pug!

see you next year mid autumn ♥

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2 dreamers

  1. niceeee! still got celebration for mid autumn! =D

  2. steamboat and beer! perfect match :) ps, long time didnt drop by here. hope u still remember me <3

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