Weekend dinner@Daorae Korean BBQ

Wednesday, October 10, 2012


dinner with crispy pork as usual! we're the earliest that day :D

piggy boo!

went to daorae this time! everyone loves korean food ♥

its kinda early so the place was still empty

we had complimentary seaweed soup! 

nom-ing all the side-dishes while waiting for them. we're super hungry that day, money saving plan was on, so we cut down our lunch and save it for dinner!

that middle top was my number 1 favourite! squarish steamy egg! the middle one was salad with purple dressing, the salad dressing was really yummy!

alicia, karen and jiahui

ah eng, me and dylan pig!

as soon as they reached then we started to eat!!!!! so hungry cant wait any longer

boiling hot kimchii soup! all time favourite!!! cant express how much love i have on them

meat!!!!!!! pork and chicken!

some yummy veggie thingy

dok pok ki! slided rice cake with egg, chili and veggie!

complimentary korean pancake!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

group photo!
where's gary?

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