#277 dinner@The Cruises

Saturday, November 17, 2012

delayed post because #277 dinner was 1 week before taiwan trip! went to the cruises steak house at logan heritage, got to try it after so long and everyone keeps saying they have good food and great ambience!

with fatty baby!

wheel at the ceiling!

we were seated at the upper level, one glance at the whole restaurant

retro wall deco!

always craving for mushroom soup! im a mushroom girl! it was good and creamy enough

cheese-baked escargot for appetizer 

yums! well-flavoured with cheese and garlic! 

my grilled chicken with cheese and ham on it, with a deep-fried bun that was surprisingly good!

baby's choice of chicken chop!

this is called the suntea or something........ pretty small

singing session starts around 9pm!

will be back to chill again! ♥

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