Happy boxing day!

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Happy boxing day everyone! im back from bangkok like finally and all i manage to catch up was a lovely dinner on the christmas night and also lovely boxing day dinner with baby today!

went to the all time favourite, paddington house of pancakes! 

fizzy berry and minty melon refresher!

mini pile of dollars! dollar pancakes with mini franks, bacon bits, cherry tomatoes and capsicum!

grilled chicken piccata with mashes potato

my favourite dish, 306! mixed mushroom, scrambled eggs, beef bacon and cheese, with tasty zucchini and onions pancakes

mixed fruits, marshmallow and dollor chocolate fondue + ice cream is LOVE!

banana pancakes!

and boxing a day before boxing day hehe! so so so in love with what i've got this year!
thanks everyone! definitely getting better gifts for you guys next year ok!

yellow banana taipei from the big baby! ♥
cute ice creamy pendrive from gary pig! ♥
smiggle pinky 2013 planner from pug eng! ♥
and my lovely ginger breadman all the way from universal studios from my pretty senior choo! ♥

also from my bosses! mascara and cosmetic thingy + haagen-dazs vouchers!

and also Ermenegildo Zegna perfume for my big baby! its my current favourite brand for men! ♥
and never thought the perfume smells great!

ok now christmas was over and we shall be well-prepared for 2013!
5 days left ♥

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