Humble beginnings landed in Straits Quay!

Friday, December 21, 2012

Humble beginnings is in Straits Quay now! im so happy! tried mille crepe in a few places, but i would say that humble beginnings has the best mille crepe!

chocolate orange! tasted great! should try if you love orange

chocolate velvet! my favvvvvvvourite!
i always go for chocolate as it goes well with every flavour, dont you think so?

my cheeky boy! ♥

since when he can took such nice picture? 

crowded friday night

and dinner at blue reef before humble beginnings!
all time favourite!

mushroom soup which is super tasty!

fish and chips! beer battered :( i love bread crumbs

and super delicious salad dressing!

barbecue chicken!

and new converse outlet in straits quay! we can buy cheap converse now!

golden christmas by the sea! so beautiful right!

merry christmas in advance hehe ♥

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