Our 365 days!

Thursday, December 27, 2012

its our first 365 days together ♥ 
very touched cause he actually did a clip about us, just a short and simple clip but it is really
 meant a lot to me. it reminds me everything that we've been through, of course there's much
 more than the clip that has mentioned. im trying really hard to not forget everything from
 every big thing to every little thing, because all the memories make me happy all the time!

bibi i really like to collect all the memories with you! like everytime we said those memories
 built our relationship, and when we talked about everything we would talked for a long while,
 from the pass to the future. bi, i've told you a lot of time but i would like to tell you again:

thanks for always be there for me and loving me like a precious princess ♥
bibi i love you ♥ muacks!

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