Weekend dinner@1881 Zhong Tian Hotel

Sunday, December 09, 2012

last weekend dinner at Zhong Tian Hotel! have been wanting to visit this antique hotel since long time ago, because it is the first chinese cultural hotel in penang!

this is it! the 130-year-old building and it was a thriving hotel in the late 1800s.

waiting area

featured in the newspaper for many many times already

this is the dinning area for western food

and for chinese food

the appetizer! 

pretty miss choo jia hui

mushroom soup! much more better than my expectation

all time favourite aglio alio with seafood!
simply love the scent of the capsicum and olive oil 

super creamy carbonara with bacon and mushroom 

bolognese cheesebake! we ordered two of this, i love the rich and cheesy minced beef, and a little spicy

boo boo

my love ♥

ah eng the puggy friend

the first floor was close for in-house guests only

another waiting area outside of the washroom haha

visited the antique washroom before we leave 

there's a trishaw out there, decorated like a dragon or something

and the corridor

looking forward to try the chinese food!  ♥

1881 Chong Tian
38, 40, 42 Jalan Pantai Tali, 10100 Georgetown Penang (UNESCO heritage site)

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