Weekend dinner@Kwong Sang House

Sunday, December 16, 2012

visited this vintage cafe few weeks ago! it is located along leith street, not difficult to find. it was originally a tailor shop which happened to be quite famous in the old days, love it because they still manage to keep most of the old style sewing amenities as decoration!

they served italian cuisine!

omg i really miss that sewing machine!!!!

i love this! its the counter which looks like a cupboard to store all the cloth, it looks rather colourful!

our table is at the first floor! 

do you love this place? its so nice isnt it?

books books books everywhere

another wall of books, simply love the red paint! looks interesting with all the combination of the colours

so retro and full of memories! recalling the old days when i was a kid i used to play with a typewriter, was so curious about the inner part of the typewriter haha!
 i would collect all these if i have more space in my room

hahaha this notice was obviously meant for fatty person like me!

a photo from the 2nd floor! just a little small space at the 2nd floor, more like a split level

diners of the night!

cute and lovely faces ♥

honeydew, and mine was mocktail! i forgot the name, was something with dragron fruit

creamy chicken soup and garlic bread, all good

tomato soup was surprisingly the good! I WILL COME BACK FOR THIS!

grilled fish!

blueberry grilled chicken

chicken gorden bleu! YUMS!

baked white tuna with mustard sauce
it was really good, especially the mustard! and i love the mash potatoes it was good

seafood pesto pizza for sharing! 

le happy boy ♥

opening hours! dont forget to make a reservation before you visit ♥

Kwong Sang House
36, Lebuh Leith, 10050, Georgetown Penang
012 556 5509

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