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Thursday, January 31, 2013

hi lovelies!!!!

our last lunch/dinner update was #277, i knew it was long time ago, is it before taiwan? hahaha.
finally caught a meal with baby on a sunny saturday, that we got nothing to do and walking around gurney plaza, so we walked to paragon to find something nice for our lunch.

hello Lunarich! its at the first floor, right top of TGI Friday.

we have been making fun of the name 'lu-na-rich', which means 'if you are rich' in hokkien LOL
also, for your information, Lunarich has another branch, which located at One Precinct, Bayan Baru! i havent been to One Precinct and i heard that it has a few of nice restaurant to dine, is that true? will explore that place soon.

lovey-dovey! woody ceiling, maroon wall and navy blue chairs

fungi salad, simply love it because it was full of mushroom!

baby's lemonade

and so disappointed because they did not serve pizza that evening, and i was really craving for pizza! there's not much choices left, so we picked pasta.

spaghetti alla pescatore cream, fresh seafood with creamy sauce.

my pick-spaghetti con cozze e pomodoro, which i purposely memorized the name hahaha
i always go for tomato sauce because i dont like creamy sauce and this doesnt let me down! it was good! skipped those fresh mussels, because i dont really take seafood, the pepperoni in rich tomato sauce was delicious!

outdoor tables!

good boy ♥

chilling in moo cow for some froyo as dessert! 

thats all for my blessed saturday! 
xo ♥

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