Christmas day dinner@Garden cafe

Sunday, January 06, 2013

dinner with loves right away im back from bangkok! arrived in penang like 3pm and prepared myself and went for dinner at around 6pm. this was my first and only christmas celebration for 2012 :( 

went to the garden cafe at golden sand resort. we had 20% discount for making reservation super early, like 2 months ago? and we planned for chirstmas eve, but too bad i cant manage to get back in time, so we made a last minute change!

the cute entrance

fruits! haha sorry! this was the only food picture that i captured that night! too busy for chit chatting because we havent seen each other for more than a week :X

the handsome with his presents!

fatty baby ♥

mine! ♥

jiahui my love ♥

and i got gingy from jiahui omg im so happy! this was the biggest regret that i didnt buy it when im in universal studios singapore!!!!!

a photo of gingy and i taken years ago in singapore!

too happy. lol

hahahaha simply showing off
nice pic hahaha! credit goes to garyming, the best photographer in the universe

my big thingy from my cheeky boy ♥

muacks! ♥

with senior choo ♥

free flow beer and wine all night long

baby with his present!

the atmosphere of the lobby lounge is awesome! 

after dinner!

5 of us on that lovely night ♥
and now i recalled back that i didnt really had much food that night! haha who cares, as long as i have such quality time with all my favourite person on this meaningful night ♥

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