Farewell 2012, Hello 2013!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Happy new year!!!!!!! ♥

im sure everyone enjoy your new year's eve right? and i woke up super late today, like 2pm? having a night full of liquor with all the drunkards, thanks jiahui for organizing it! 

and looking back into the year, it certainly turned out to be a contented and challenging year as a full time designer in my company. preparing and looking forward for our first and furtherest trip together and it just happened and ended in a blink of eye. i always hold on to my own personal mantras, 'live life to the fullest', and i did enjoy every moment no matter it is good or bad, because all i know is, there will be a rainbow after the rain ♥

here's a quick flashback for my awesome 2012

my first trip with baby to hatyai! thats a crazy shopping trip

first valentine's day with him :)

met up with my long lost friend after 7years!

my lovely birthday dinner treat by the darlings

cute drawing by him, sweetness overload!

one of my favourite theme-party! alicia and wei xiong's birthday party

our first road trip all the way to kl for a dinner with glian

hennessy artistry at straits quay

sabien is back in penang! and our 7pax reunion dinner at maricosa

bleached my hair for the first time in my life! love my hair in pink or what?

mom and dad's birthday dinner at spice market, love!

1st concert with the pigs! this was an unexpected one, hah!


and bangkok shopping trip!!!

christmas dinner + 1st anniversary dinner hehe ♥

last but not least, 
specially thanks to my big boyfriend, my ever-loving family, fellow besties who have been my pillars of support and those who i can count on anytime. let's embrace our 2013 with new hopes, higher dreams and more fun to come! ♥

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