First date with Yeu@Fa Guo San

Saturday, January 26, 2013

hi peeps! 

how's your weekend? feeling so good because im not working on monday, like finally my company having a replacement for the public holiday which is on sunday, please keep it on! and because of thaipusum, our expressway is in a massive jam now, so whoever that going to town today or tomorrow, please use other way ok! 

ok back to the topic, my sis is back! 

hi yeu! :D

havent seen her for 3 months and this would be our first date on 2013 :) decided to bring her out for some food at some new places in town so we went to All Season Place which she has not been to, and at the end of the day we did some shopping too!

Fa guo san@All Season Place, a fully dessert place

blueberry cheesecake flower pot.
how cute it looks exactly like a real flower plant!

hot fresh fruit tea, over-sweet for me

mix fruit chiller

fruit toast, ice cream and melting chocolate pot 

so beautiful that we do not know where to start!

i like this toast box very much! its good because it is not really sweet, and dip it into the melting chocolate neutral the sweetness of the chocolate..... yummmmmm

too much chocolate for the evening

spent around rm56 for everything above, my sis said that was a little pricey for this, well but the portion was quite big, and we cant finish it at last :(

ok bye! going out for lunch now ♥

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