Haagen Dazs noms!

Tuesday, January 01, 2013

a sweet treat for the last sunday of 2012! of course because we're hoping for something sweet every year end, thats a good ending.

with my big boy!

and two lovelies!
btw, all of us were wearing Stay Real that we bought from taiwan ♥

my two pigs! ♥

we had christmas fondue!
yummy but we're in a mess each time we had fondue, because we're busying taking pics and end up the ice cream melt and it will melt even more after we dipped it in the chocolate, so, we had the dirtiest table among all i think. haha sorry!

4 scoops each for 4 different flavours 

we had specially-baked christmas cookies and pastries!

christmas cookies!

melting chocolate

rainbow sprinkles, peanuts crushes and fresh fruits!

decorate the little treat with rainbow sprinkles! ♥

jiahui joined us after that

with ah eng

gary with the most beautiful dessert , flower blossom!

the top part was rum raisin and brownie,
and the bottom one was flower blossom, the beautifully decorated waffle basket with six scoops of ice cream

banana split,  vanilla and cream, chocolate and strawberry ice cream served with a caramelized banana.

the haagen dazs mascot in reddy!

karen and jiahui

eng with his waffle wonder!

waffle wonder, mango sorbet is good! and also the yummy waffle with pancake syrup!

lastly, polaroid shoots of the day ♥

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