Habanero mexican food@Queensbay mall

Monday, January 07, 2013

dinning in queensbay was rather boring, because we visited queensbay too often hahaha. Habanero, the new maxican dining opened weeks ago, still fresh, so we got to try it out!

was told that 'habanero' is one of the spiciest chili in the world!

alicia and gary picking the ingredients for their burrito! it can be in burrito or in a bowl, but we tried burrito and it is really good!

add another rm4.50 for a complete meal! with nacho chips, cheese or salsa dips and drinks

cheese and salsa, perfect match with nacho chips!

his and mine

what i picked: 
tomato chili rice, 
parrilla chicken, 
salsas and 
other sauces

what he picked: 
lime rice, which was so good! as a lime lover i will definitely come back just for it :D
fallado chicken, bigger bite compared to mine
and others hahaha im not sure

my fatty baby! with his mnwka cap
( loving the wall of the dinning place, so mexican right? )

and me with my bangkok skull cap which is only 150baht

find Habanero at 3rd floor, north court, queensbay mall ♥

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