Our cosplay countdown for 2013

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

a delayed post! 
perhaps i still cant accept the fact, that is 2013 now. looking back all the old days and categorize my own daily life, mostly it was about eat......and play. WHEN CAN I LIVE LIFE IN A SERIOUS WAY? blame no one, its all on me, i just cant stop, and i dont wanna live like a child all the time, i want to work seriously, and own a car, or maybe a property, by myself :(

ok back to my post, had a childish cosplay drinking and eating session during the night of 31st dec 2012

and dressed up as the red ridding hood

ah eng as Ryu

fighting the.......... you know who? its Blossom!

and this was really obvious, meet Pikachu!

with Patrick the star under the sea

super cute outfit right? alicia bought it during our trip to taiwan, personally think that it was really worth!

Pikachu with the Transformers and the little piggy

Blossom is cute!

having our dinner cocktails

mojito and tequila sunrise!

Pikachu with JJ, who looks 99% alike with Haha from Runningman!!!!!!!!

group photo #1

group photo #2

group photo #3

B52! the ultimate coffee liqueur shoot!

and thats our first drink in 2013!!!!!!!! not too bad right? and i believe that many will have alcoholic drinks as the first drink for a new year 

tequila shoots!

jager bomb, sweetness!

and alien brain! which was my first try, was always curious about it

so beautiful omg!!!!!!!!!


happy new year again ♥

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