Weekly diary #3

Thursday, January 24, 2013

this would be my first weekly diary! dont worry the #3 simply means its the 3rd week in 2013, so its still a long way to go, as we have 52weeks in 2013. i did this because i took so quite a number of photos every week but i dont know where to post it, sometimes they are too short to be a post itself, so yes, this can help me to memorize my weekly routine :)












1. had spicy tuna pasta on a random lunch with lovely colleagues at Brussels, a set lunch for only RM15, 4 choices of main course, drinks and unlimited supply of soup and salad!
2. breakfast of the day! trying to get more vitamin C instead of cheese!
3. self-captured in baby's room, denim spikes jacket from Taiwan
4. my current favourite Sukiyaki in Sushi Tei, extra udon thank you!
5. afternoon tea for two in Delicious Cafe on a sunny evening
6. accidentally found this nice photo site at level 3, Queensbay Mall.
7. sweet corn, carrot and chicken noodles simply taste good for my simple breakfast!
8. long-waited mini yeesang in Sushi King! 
9. newly bought! great deal in F21
10. random night out on my favourite spikes slippers!
11. newly bought accessories which is too beautiful and i cant stop myself for posting it.

will be back soon ♥

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