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Saturday, January 19, 2013

friday night at who's bryan!

actually who's bryan was not the main thing to excited about LOL! because there's one just right opposite my boyfriend's house, and he doesnt really like it. and what so excited was we're finally here, All Season Place, which is the newly opened hot spot in Farlim. It has quite a lot of tenants, mostly f&b outlet like James Foo, Chatime, Fruzee, Roti Bakar, Paparich, Sushi King, Shilin, Manhattan Fish and so on. 

newly open beautiful place! 
never been here since they're open for business

had dinner at who's bryan after walking around the place

lemon mint! this is good! 
currently having an obsession on everything minty!

green tea lattee

chocolate ice!

lychee with lime

chicken cheese-bake, cheesy and well-baked!

crumbly chicken! love the crunchiness of the chicken crumbled with corn flakes 

lemon grilled fish which is delicious! especially the yellow sauce and the mashed potato, matched perfectly. 

diners of the night:

hello everyone im coated with lots of gold!

the lazy baby!

gary cuteness overloaded!

jiahui, pretty senior as always!

gary's love, choo eng

off to shopping now!
happy weekend everyone ♥

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