#402 dinner@Chou Shun Kan Yakiniku

Thursday, February 14, 2013

YES! dinner with baby on a friday night :D heading to Chou Shun Kan Yakiniku, the one at Krystal Point. we love bbq so much, but its not really good for our health if we have bbq too often! drank so much water that night :(

长春馆, in chinese!

typical yakiniku's stove! have fun bbq!!!!!!

the chicken and pork platter

side dishes! unlike korean food, they cant be refilled :(

more pork pleaseeeeeeeeeeee

squids! baby's love!

its fun seeing squid being bbq-ed! hahaha! because they're moving as if they're alive, quite scary though!

perfect combination, pork+lettuce!

all time favourite, kimchi jigae! boiling hot!

ok thank you bye! ♥

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