Nelson's birthday@The Library

Monday, February 25, 2013

morning peeps!

nelson's birthday is on the day before cny so we decided to celebrate for him earlier! and they suggested The Library at Straits Quay, since it is so near to the office. i think all of us never really try the food in The Library, most of the time we went here for a drink, right? 

bubbly ice lemon tea for lunch time!

mushroom soup which is good!

salad of the day

lamb and sausages platter 

aglio olio

cheese baked corn chips!

roasted pork belly

sandwich with french fries

chicken wrap with salsa sauce


this is good! something like a chicken roll? i forgot what its called

pesto with chicken! my favourite pasta!

xinee and nur, two beautiful ladies

the orange birthday boy!

too creamy now!

with kokyang and zen!

the girls with the birthday boy! shouldn't him be happier?

till then! time to get back to work now ♥

★ all photos in this post are taken by iphone 5! 

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