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Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Hi peeps!

decided to slip in a bangkok post, at first i was thinking to finish my taiwan post, but i think i dont have the strength to finish it all in a short period. so yes, i've been to bangkok a month ago, thats my NINTH trip to bangkok, still so much to be explored! bangkok is a place which i will never get bored of, because they will always have new shopping or dinning place in like a few months? and girls can never get enough with shopping.

pay a visit to asiatique, the riverfront, along Chao Phraya Asiatique is located on a broad stretch of riverfront downstream from Saphan Taksin and you could brave the traffic along Charoenkrung Road to get there, but much better is to arrive as the traders did a hundred years ago, by boat. 

free shuttle boat service

waiting at saphan taksin

the journey took around 15minutes, until we see the beautiful ferris wheel

here i am ♥

cant stop my camera, i wanna capture everything! 
and this is the story of the place before asiatique:

mummy ♥

got this and we took a few minutes to read through everything! so that we know what to shop, save time and wont miss out anything!

and dinner before we started to shop! we had thai food of course :)

yummy oyster egg!

handmade shoes!

hello kitty, anyone?

accessories! got myself a few pair of nice earrings  

colourful bubble baggie

fake monk and this looks really real! even eye lashes and the skin! O__O

aztec printing everywhere

spiky bra! ♥___♥

more bra with spikes! nice right!

spikes, camouflage, leather, neon colours...... you name it!

hahaha this! LOL

hello i am really busy that day :P

and we stopped to have a break!


i had strawberry crepe with pudding! yums!

"people who loves to eat are always the best person." 
well said! hahaha

bye asiatique! love you ♥

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