Think big! at Ben's

Saturday, February 09, 2013

had been spending so much time in Ben's lately! dont have to drop-by the branch at pavilion anymore, because Ben's has finally landed in Paragon Penang! 

yellow walls and vintage flooring, also the perfect lighting create a cozy and comfortable space for dinning

cards and hand-written menu

it was a saturday night, after dinner, so just have some drinks and cakes with the porks!

choo eng and hau chen

gary pork chop in the middle

tiramisu, not so good anymore, why? :(

macadamia sundae and cheesecake! heavenly good! love the caramel 

chocolate banana

caramel milkshake

apple crumble with ice cream

mango puree with lime and mint

beef lasagna

creamy tomatoes spaghetti

was taking outdoor seats the other day! kinda romantic, and get to enjoy the natural sea breeze

hello :)

gary and baby, another date though 

creamy mushroom soup, super rich, more like mushroom porridge to me

salad, freaking big portion!!!!!!

this is goooooood! 

ben's burger! comes with fries and salad

mushroom chicken pie, yum yum

banana sundae, another good dessert

off now, will be back with lots of update soon ♥

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