Weekly diary #6

Monday, February 18, 2013












1. it was 立春 again! and standing egg is a must, well i think its like a bless :)
2. shoes for this cny!
3. time to upgrade! i think its really good, you cant tell unless you have one on your hand now heheee
4. tried marshall's burger like finally, its good! prefer chicken tight than chicken patti, you?
5. random shopping items, they are all -40% sales items.
6. gold glitter nails all ready for a prosperous cny
7. tea time with baby!
8. shabu-shabu with zen after work
9. lunch break at Chicago Ribs!
10.camouflage girl with new hair! having fringe this time makes me looks so childish
11. re-dye my pink hair! :)

ok got to go now bye!

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