Girl friends' date@Victoria Rossa

Saturday, March 09, 2013

finally had some time to catch up with the two girl friends! glian was back during her cny break and venus can barely squeeze her time for us to meet us before she goes to work! we were not that busy after all just that the timing was always not right ;)

glian the pretty lady!

ah yes and we went to Victoria Rossa, the english tea room located at Irrawaddy Road!

the menu was so beautiful! the cover was fabricated and every of them was different with matching colours of the border

and look at the dining utensils, so flowery!
definitely a nice chill-out place for girl friends! *i used to ask my bf to go with me but he refused! he said the place was too girly :P*

and a rack of tea behind us!

she was the earliest that day! glian and i should really improve in our punctuality haha im sorry

with venus darling!

we had afternoon tea for two! i think it was RM68 for a three tier set and two pots of tea, quite pricey though

the scones was really good and it served hot! the rest was just so-so

we had Mazie's blend and  Rowena's blend! mine was Mazie and im lovin' it!!!!

old english sandwich with fries

mushroom soup


a wonderful evening with loves, 9 years of friendship and still counting ♥

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