An evening in Wat Pho@Bangkok

Saturday, April 27, 2013

decided to visit some place new this time, other than Wat Arun, we went for Wat Pho, which is also located along Chao Phraya River, but its at the opposite side of Wat Arun. It has a few way to get to Wat Pho, however, i think the best way is to access by boat instead of taking a cab, its a good experience and way more adventurous right?  

[click on the photo to enlarge]

the view of Wat Arun in the boat, it will stopped at N03 Pier for Wat Pho! if you are visiting Wat Arun, just take another boat to get across the river to the other side, whereas Wat Pho, just a short walk pass the market and will see the main entrance of Wat Pho on your right side.

one of the entrance

Wat Pho is also know as Wat Phra Chetuphon. it is one of the largest and oldest temple in Bangkok


the entire place is full of chedis, from small to big, most of the chedis contains the ashes of the royal family and the king, and the large ones contains the ashes of Buddha.

statutes of the guardian 

they're too beautiful! cant stop snapping pics of them from every angle! alot of patience needed to build such beautiful things

favoutite photo of mine :D
it looks like a wallpaper behind me, isn't it?


and also a huge reclining Buddha

ok and lastly, a photo of Chao Phraya river on a hot sunny day, the weather is nice for photos, but im almost killed by the temperature ♥

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