Jiahui's birthday@Tao, Times Square

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

a throwback post of jiahui's birthday ♥

we had a lovely dinner at Tao Cuisine as promised, it was the birthday girl's favourite dinning place. the reason is, unlike any other buffet, she doesnt have to walk to get the food instead, she enjoys being served like a queen, for just sitting there and waiting for her food. a little different with the usual Tao Cuisine, it has buffet bar for unlimited sashimi supplies, oysters, sushi, salad, dessert, ice-cream, grill and tepanyaki, so that's why the price is slightly higher than other outlets, but totally worth it!



seafood barbecue!

steamed fish which was really yummy! (yes i had a lot of these!)

assorted sushi from the sushi bar

all these above was provided at the buffet bar! quite a variety, right?

another signature dish in the menu, cheese baked oysters!

ok, enough said for the food! :)

a photo with gary and alicia

with my baby boy ♥

gary loke and gary ch'ng! they're in love

choo eng with the birthday girl in leopard prints!

and pretty ms karen!

happy birthday my love ♥

group photos group photos!

and outfit for the night:

matching colours with my 4inches wedges :)

outfit photo of everyone that i love it so much!!!!!!!!!!!

and lastly, polaroid shots ♥

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