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Tuesday, April 16, 2013

hello and sorry! i know i was a little late :)
finally i have some time to blog about bangkok, it was during last december, and it was really fun!


i really have to said that again and again! and im going again this july :) for a short getaway and a little shopping! i put so much effort in clearing my wardrobe now, selling them off or what, so that everything can really fit into my little wardrobe. 

ok lets back to the topic now. its my first time to Terminal 21, a shopping mall opened in the early of 2012, located at Asok BTS station, very easy to get there! it has a total of 9 stories, and each floor has a concept, all well-decorated into city street, such as Tokyo, Rome, Paris, Hollywood etc.

and each of the gate of the escalator has the title for the floor, its like you're really departing into another city, pretty cool right?

and it has the longest escalator in Thailand! 

a quick walk at this level, Paris!

and this...............

hi there! we're at tokyo, 1st floor of the mall


lovely japanese lanterns!

yes im sorry! but i love them so much haha

next level! -LONDON

this is the walkway that lead us to the washroom

spacious washroom ever!

with awesome city view out there

guess what! WC!

cam-whore with mummy!
and union jack perfect match with London ;)

Union jack everywhere!

and those shops in Terminal 21, cute and stylish! and the main thing is, THEY ARE NOT PRICEY AT ALL!

like this cute top, its only 150baht!

and these beautiful tribal sandals for only 200baht!

cute piggies!

beautiful lights at 3rd floor,

feeling turkish?

this really caught my attention! candy-licious instax camera owhhhh loveeeeee

view of the golden gate bridge at 4th floor, San Francisco (city)


and this is the theme for the washroom in level 5, San Francisco (pier)
decorated with seaports and fishermen village!

so well-decorated!

the highest floor, level 6! HELLO HOLLYWOOD!

feeling like superstars? and the theme was really match, as its where the cinema located!


ok back to level 5 for food!

we had Jeffer Steak

creamy mushroom soup

grilled salmon steak

garden salad with mash potato

i forgot what is this -______-

cabonara with fish fillet

icy blended!

ok, nothing fancy, just a simple and quick lunch!

hi, meet teddy!

im at Rome now, obviously! its the ground floor

this level has actually very nice artistry huge marble pillar! and also beautiful fountain with statue, but unfortunately it has some kind of activities and performance there and the stage blocked the place....... so........ no photos! 

beautiful little things, great as souvenir?

lighthouse! its at the lower ground floor, guess a theme please?

hi yes!!!!!!!!!! its the Caribbean!

mostly selling handmade goods at this level

cupcakes!!!!!! tasted as good as how they looks like!!!!!!! YUMMY

visited the washroom again!


its not only beautifully decorated, but they are always clean and dry, scented as well
look at the multi functional buttons in the washroom itself

and i really love this! thats really considerate!

last photo 

it was really a nice experience! do remember to visit all of the washroom!!!! surprises everywhere! 
cant wait to be back again

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7 dreamers

  1. Wei so nice lar this place!! I wanna go!!

  2. This is where I buy my stuff, for $20 "Personal Shopper Bangkok" (Google it) will go shopping for you (anything), cheap and good, I would love to find the same in Paris !!!

  3. Great post.. Am going to visit Terminal 21 tomorrow and did not want to look LOST o.O. Am sure i would have, had i not read this...

    Thanks for posting this and great pictures too! ^_^

  4. Hi Hadassah Louis!
    you are welcome! have fun in Bangkok and enjoy! :)

  5. I love your blog! It's nice :) I have a blog too. Hope you can read and follow if you like ya ^^ XoXo

  6. Hi! Where's that instax shop exactly located in terminal 21? Thank you dear! xoxo


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