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Tuesday, May 28, 2013

good morning loves!

three more days to the next weekend and i enjoyed my last saturday and sunday very much! saturday was a busy day, went to the hospital to get my medical report and everything is fine but im lack of HDL cholesterol also know as the good cholesterol, which can only increase by having more exercise, looks like my body is complaining now, hahaha, so for now i cannot be this lazy anymore! think of hitting the gym again on august, maybe? ;)

and for my lazy sunny sunday, woke up around 1pm cause party too hard on the night before! yes, H-artistry was awesome as usual. went for our real late lunch at Wee House, just nearby baby's house, the shop-lots are just right beside Econsave at Raja Uda, quite easy to find. i was quite excited to see their cute bento rice that was long-craved!

our bubbly drinks, grape champagne and rose dream! 

matching colours

teddy bear in the house!

baby's rilakuma rice! isn't that cute!!!!!

rilakuma set meal

happy boy with his rilakuma rice, doesnt really know where to start to eat it

hahaha! damn cute!

and my hello kitty rice!

another corner of the cafe

their address or phone number is here:

will be back with more updates ♥

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