Eighty Tree Cafe

Sunday, May 19, 2013

Hi peeps!

scare you guys with my fatty cheek first! lol

some bits and pieces for may/june:
1. busy for Ubah! and its over now, but our spirit is still there. the first vote in my life is gone now!
2. busy hunting and booking hotels for bangkok, still looking for some nice place :)
3. our office is moving soon, to a better location perhaps.
4. mum is travelling too often this month, two more trips upcoming for her and she makes me busy indirectly x_____x
5. hennessy artistry is this freaking weekend! (yes!!!!)

 okay, back to the topic, visited a little cafe in town lately!

Eighty Tree Cafe located at Cintra Street

menu with photos!

simple and cozy environment perfect for a break!

mum's cappuccino and my mint tea

creamy mushroom soup with garlic bread

grilled chicken with lemon sauce, mum's pick!
simply love it! the sauce was a little sweet and sour with lemon scent

strawberry sundae as a main course for me! hahaha 

super cute marshmallow toast, was recommended by the waiter

it was unexpectedly good! the top part was soft, sticky and sweet, the bottom was a a little crispy, i think girls will definitely love it :)

alright more photos for the place,

polaroids and books

my mummy monster!

cute cafe and i will definitely come back again :)

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  1. Oooh, this place looks so cute! Penang has so many cute and quirky food places. It's been a while since I've been there.


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