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Thursday, May 30, 2013


decided to blog before my day starts to be busy again! have been spending so much time with mummy recently, she is lazy to cook, cause only 2 of us having dinner at home since my dad went to hong kong last week, mummy brought me for dinner almost every night. tried a few new place and so i decided to share them here!

The Garden Cafe

a garden concept cafe/restaurant at krystal point, beautifully decorated with plants and flowers! they serve a wide range of food like home-cooked dishes, thai, western, chinese and steamboat.

garlic cheese chicken, the gravy was tasty!

fish and chips, nothing much to say ;)

mummy quite happy with their icy snow flake ♥

affordable price and good service i must say, we're walking around that beautiful shoplots at this brand new spot in Bayan Baru, The One Terrence, and the friendly staff waved at us and so we decided to give a try. was really surprise with the pricing, and the food was not disappointing at all! overall it was good.

creamy tomato soup for only rm3.90! and it was delicious!

crispy tempura fish with mentsuyu aioli, a perfect match!

hot and cheesy chicken thigh

volcano cake with ice cream
i really love dessert more than everything! LOL

Lye Lee Seafood Porridge

also located at The One, just right behind Blooms Restaurant. the interior is not eye-catchy at all but they serve really good porridge, i mean REALLY GOOD! i was drooling when mummy is having her RM15 seafood porridge with big prawns and even crabs! (i dont eat seafood) RM15 is totally worth it i must say. to all the seafood lovers, this is definitely worth a try!

mummy's porridge

mine! i picked 'bee tai bak' with fresh fish and their special handmade fish ball! SO GOOD!

breakfast time at i-avenue! i was bored with Subway nowadays, because i used to have it every morning during work, until i almost puke hahaha. ok then one morning mummy brought me here, she says its really good and i dont really believe her at that moment. now i know i was wrong! cause im totally in love with their bread and yoghurt ♥

cute and greenish interior, feeling energetic already, right?

mummy's egg and ham in wholemeal sandwich loaf, the colours are so tempting!

the purple cute drinks and sandwich on the left in the picture above are mine! it was actually black forest yoghurt and IT IS SO GOOD! i am a yoghurt lover and im totally in love with it. another thing was my bread, it was called olive ciabatta with tuna, olive ciabatta is type of the bread, the black thingy on the top you can see they are actually olive, the bread was addictive!!!! so nowadays i have to wake up really early during working days to fix my craved! 

alright, bye now! i hope you enjoy this post ♥
have a nice day people! xo

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