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Sunday, June 09, 2013

A random tea time with Zen after work!

im in love with their super creamy soup! we had potato and leek soup cause thats the only soup they are serving that day

and they have free-flow garlic bread! 

caramel latte for Zen and tea for me! caramel latte is really good!!!!!!!!!!!!!

potato salad

salmon bagel

egg on ham toast is so cute omg!

darling's egg!

was sitting beside the interesting wall painting!

the little counter that serving bread, remember to help yourself!

nice ambience for chilling, right?

outdoor tables are quite comfortable because its on the 1st floor and facing the giant fountain, very nice view! ;)

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2 dreamers

  1. Hi,

    Coffee Elements has opened a new branches in Gurney Paragon.

    I have tried their Coffee like Machhiato, Caffe Latte, and bagel like the cream cheese bagel. It really taste nice. But the environment and the table setting is kind of simple instead to what they have in All Seasons place.


    1. Hi! yes, afterall it is a good place for some coffee after a tiring walk in the mall :)


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