Hennessy Artistry@Spice

Tuesday, June 04, 2013

Good morning people!

Last Saturday was the awesome Hennessy Artistry, the venue was Spice, very happy with the location cause it was just 5minutes driving from my house! ok but im still late, it started at 7pm and i was there around 9.30pm because i waited for my hair colour to be touched-up. sigh. i didn't manage to snap more photos that night so some of the photos here were beautifully taken by odesha with her ZR1000! 

lonely boys!

pretty anffi and odesha ♥♥♥

my two pigs! ♥

wonderful environment like always!

DJ Andy Murphy was really cool!

you guys rocks!
more H-Artistry in Penang please! ♥

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