My first ever company trip!

Saturday, June 01, 2013

my company trip was at the end of february, i know its june already but im still thinking of posting it, CAUSE THIS IS MY FIRST COMPANY TRIP EVER! i still remember my first school trip, it was a very exciting experience although we just went to kl. first it was school trip, then started to travel with friends, after that collage mates, then year by year we started to plan for our own trip, as if we are going to travel around the world! but in reality, we still need a lot of cash for travel, so work hard and making more money for travel is sort of target? yes because the world is so big and we have so much to see. it takes time ;) 

ok back to the topic! my company trip did not go far, we just went to Hatyai! (BORING!!!!!!!) my boss said we are going to somewhere further next time, i hope he doesn't lie to me :P travelling with colleagues are more like travelling with friends, cause they are like my closest friends as we see each other almost everyday, oh i mean most of them, dont get me wrong, cause not all of the colleagues in this world are nice *ahem* 

3/4 of the people are here! 

with xinee and zen, we're so obsessed with those vintage round shades!

selca while waiting for the rest! ignore that guy behind me, such a photo spoiler

cant resist the beautiful and delicious ice-cream!

yummy yummy roasted pork rice as lunch

trying to have a different type of selca, lol


with le zenith chan

massage session!!!!!!!!

bought a super nice top, its velvet! so love but its a little too small for me, but who cares, its only 100baht!

our company dinner at Bon Khao Restaurant 

pics taken from googgle
 a beautiful restaurant which have a panorama view of the hatyai city! this was my first time there, never realize hatyai had such beautiful place to dine, the most important is the food was really good!

roasted pork knuckle! SUPER YUMMY

tomyam seafood

some pork thingy?

siam style steamed fish, good but it was really spicy! i cant take much :(

Chang Puak Camp

was told that this is a new tourist spot in hatyai, they has a variety of activity but its quite costly! we went there for archery instead of elephant ride.  

cute elephant ride 20mins for 450baht

Songkhla Beach

hipster wannabe! lol

the famous mermaid statue

the flying zen

nelson and my boss, joshua

my senior choo

and le interior girl, xinee

the only complete photo! everyone on their shades on!

Saban Nga Restaurant

the best restaurant that i've tried in hatyai! they served authentic thai food and famous with their blue rice which serve in claypot!  

everyone :)

blue rice!

salted egg with pork thingy

sweet and sour fried chicken!

tomyam again! never get bored with such nice tomyam!

pork knuckle, my bosses favourite!

pandan chicken! simply good

the lucky guy in the middle, ky and my two bosses, cheah and joshua

my four mighty bosses

alright thats all for now
thanks for reading! good night ♥

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3 dreamers

  1. wowwww so nice one ur company! sumore got company trip! where u working at? =D

  2. LOL! im working in a small event company! ;)

  3. Ha Ha Hat Yai is a fun & economical place to unwind.
    Did you try pubs like West Side Saloon, Post Laser, Barrocca, etc.
    Really hip & superb.


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